P.I. Properties Inc. yesterday pleaded no contest to violating 65 housing, fire, zoning and licensing code regulations at the Clifton Terrace apartment complex in Northwest Washington.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Edmond T. Daly assesed a $550 fine against the corporation, the real estate arm of Pride Inc.

Last August, the D.C. corporation counsel's office filed charges against P.I. Properties and its president, Mary Treadwell, citing more than 300 violations at the three-building complex at 14th and Clifton streets NW.

P.I. Properties and Treadwell each could have been fined about $90,000, and Treadwell could have been required to spend about six months in jail. But as part of a plea bargain arrangement, the corporation counsel's office agreed to dismiss the charges against Treadwell and the remaining 237 counts against P.I. Properties, Assistant Corporation Counsel Howard Horowitz said.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which had insured the mortgage for Clifton Terrace, foreclosed on the complex in late June, charging P.I. Properties, which had owned and managed the complex for several years, with mismanagement and with not making mortagage payments. HUD, which made the only bid at the foreclosure sale of the complex, has taken over its operation. A new management firm has been hired.

"The corporation lost the only asset they had," Horowitz said of P.I. Properties. ". . . They don't have the building any more and can't correct the violations since they lost control of the building."

HUD and the management firm it has hired have corrected or are correcting the housing violations at Clifton Terrace, according to an official with the area HUD office. The official said that a major repair and rehabilitation program also is under way, and HUD is meeting with tenants, who want to take over operation of the complex.