A reader has sent me a clipping from the Nov. 8 issue of The Washington Post. Underlined in it is a sentence that says, "Financial backers say Bethlehem Steel Corp.'s Sparrows Point shipyard will sign a $329 million contract to build six new tankers in the next two weeks."

In the tiny margin of the clipping was the name of the reader who sent it - John Small, I think. An accompanying note said, "I served on a tanker that Henry Kaiser spent a whole month building, and it wasn't too great."

I like the restrained way you make your point, John.

We journalist do occasionally have some trouble working out a proper order for our words. An example that still sticks in my mind after many decades appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

It said, "The winning blow was struck by Ernie Lombardi, who hit a home run with three men on base over the left field wall."

In those days, there was a popular saloon not far from the left field fence of old Redland Field, and in Cincinnati it was not inconceivable that three base runners would stop there for a quick one. Cincinnati supported four local breweries at the time.