"What advice would you give the District's new mayor, Marion Barry?" Staff writer Card Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Connecticut Avenue and K Street to ask city residents what suggestions they have for the mayor-elect.

Joel Gewirtz, 32, Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street NW: "Move to the suburbs."

Walter T. Merritt, 58, Allison Street and Blagden Avenue NW: "Thare are so many things to do-jobs for the youth and cleanliness for the city. Also the city employees, when you talk to them on the telephone, are rude and not helpful."

Dianne Montas, 18, Juniper Street and Georgia Avenue NW: "The only thing I would say to him is transportation-it takes too long to wait for a bus, but the subway system is doing great. Also the school system needs to be more strict. A lot of students cut classes anytime they want."

Arrow Thweatt Jr., 28, New Hampshire Avenue and Emerson Street NW: "I would just say, 'Be a man for the people of Washington and do the best to support all the people of Washington,' as he stated in his campaign. If he can live up to those expectations, I think he'll be a good mayor."

Michael Worsley, 33, Walbridge Place and Park Road NW: "I would tell him to rebuild the housing that is boarded up that can be removated and used for people who don't have a place to stay. Like in the 14th Street area there are places that could be in use."

Vera Brown, 26, of 14th and Clifton streets NW: "I'd like to see him clean up the District and fix up some of those houses they've got boarded up for low-income people."

Philip Friedlander, 78, Connecticutt Avenue and Alberbale Street NW: "I think first thing he ought to do is get these streets fixed up-the pot holes are terrible."