The 17 staff employes of Rep. Newton I. Steers Jr., (R-Md.), who will be out of jobs in January as the result of their boss's defeat two weeks ago, are offering their congressional expertise to newly elected representatives as a package deal.

They have placed a classified advertisement in this week's issue of Roll Call, a newspaper devoted to Capitol Hill news, that says:

"Super staff seeks legislator interested in innovative constituent service, problem-solving legislation, to replace super boss hit from behind Nov. 7. Staff called excellent by area newspaper.

"Come complete with legislative assistants, special projects, case and press assistants, and beautiful black receptionist. The complete set - $288,000."

William Grigg, Steer's adminstrative assistant, whose name and office number completed the ad, said he had received about 100 telephone inquires by yesterday afternoon "but most of them were just curious about whose staff it was."

Pam Galloway, the aforementioned receptionist, said many of the callers merely hung up after she answered, "Representative Steers' office."

Grigg said that while the staffers think it would be ideal if they all could be hired by a new member, they don't really expect that will happen. "It (the ad) was just a public expression of my feeling that this staff was very good," Grigg said.

Steers, who is licking his wounds" in Haiti, was not aware of the ad, or of the party the staff held in his office yesterday.

The victor in the 3th Congressional District election, Democrat Michael D. Barnes, is in the process of hiring a staff, and while he said he has "high regard" for Steers' employes, he plans to choose his staff from among loyal Democrats.