It looked as if it could have been Rockville's first winter snow yesterday: hundreds of yards of computer printouts and carbon copies of thousands of dollars worth of purchasing checks were strewn for miles along Veirs Mill Road.

Apparently, the paper trash tumbled out of a diposal truck Tuesday on Veirs Mill between Randolph Road and Robindale Street.

"The police came to us Tuesday to tell us about the checks," said Joe Scarpa, an employe of Rockville's Penril Corp., at 5520 Randolph Rd., Rockville. Penril was the firm that once issued the 2 and 3-year-old non-negotiable purchasing checks, duplicates of which were all over the highway.

"A couple of us rushed out there to start picking them up until we realized they were worthless. We remembered putting them into our trash bin Monday," Scarpa added.

The paper also included old mail and computer printouts from the National Clearinghouse on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse at 9119 Gaither Rd.

"I found that Penril and the Clearinghouse use two different disposal services," said Montgomery County Police Cpl. Herman Lamberger who investigated the incident after police received numerous complaints from residents.

"After a lot of talking and hassling," Lamberger said, "it turned out that somebody evidently dumped Penril'strash into a container belonging to the Clearinghouse's disposal company."

Police solved the problem by calling workers from the State Highway Administration which will bill both disposal firms - Trash Disposal Services Inc. of Silver Spring and Industrial Disposal Systems of Rockville - for the clean up.