The professional champion Washington Bullets basketball team has been enlisted in a regional campaign against juvenile drug abuse.

Albert A. Russo, director of the D.C. Department of Human Resources, announced yesterday that a special version of a film of Bullets highlights, "The Fat Lady Sings," will be shown in area schools as the cenerpiece of the campaign.

Antidrug testimonials by bullets center Wes Unseld will be spliced into the film, and Presentations about drugs and their effects on the body will be presented during intermissions.

In addition, Russo said, antidrug promotions will be conducted during games of the Bullets, and Bullets players will pay at least two visits to selected schools during the current season.

Dr. Fred West, administrator of the department's substance abuse adminstration, said contracts totaling $20,000 have been signed by Abe Pollia, president of the Bullets and drug abuse agencies in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. The D.C. share is $6,667.

West said the program in Washington will be conducted with the cooperation of the city school system, and will be presented on request at junior and senior high schools as well as at meetings of church groups and other community organizations.

"We (in the District) would like to do something more than just call the cops," West said, as was done in Montgomery County to deal with marijuana smoking on school property.

"We feel," West said, "that the Bullets have a great deal of appeal as role models for District young people, and that they will be very helpful . . ."

West said drug abuse is widespread in city schools. "We have only to walk the halls . . . or stand in the schoolyard, and watch the kids."