Three men, one armed with a sawed-off rifle, robbed the manager of the Georgia Avenue branch of the Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of $6,000 as he was leaving his car in the firm's parking lot yesterday morning, police said.

Ronald J. Perrell, 26, of Silver Spring was returning with the money from a nearby bank when a car with three men pulled up beside him in the parking lot at 7800 Georgia Ave. NW, police said.

One of the men thrust a gun out the car window and told Perrell to give the money, which he was carrying in a paper bag, to a man in the back seat of the car, police said.

According to police, Perrell made daily trips alone to a nearby bank to obtain money that his branch used as operating funds for the day. Police officials said it was unusual for a bank to transfer such substantial sums of money without more security measures.

Elwin Raiden, chief of security for Home Federal refused to answer any questions about the robbery.

The car used in the holdup was later found abandoned a few blocks from the savings and loan branch.It had been stolen from the parking garage of the Department of Labor an hour before the robbery, police said.