"Do you think cab fares should be raised in the District?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to National Airport to ask city taxi drivers their views. Richard Mills, 27, Silver Spring, Md. "The last time we had a raise was 1974, and with the cost f living rising in the District it's very evident cab fares should rise, too." Jogindar Sarai, 50, Beltsville, Md. "With gas prices so high and maintenance costs so high they should raise the fares to meet the costs." John L. Mack, 44, 13th and Van Buren Streets NW: "My complaint is the zoning in the number one district because we can't survive in district because we can't survive in there. You can ride from 2nd Street SE all the way to 11th Street NW for 90 cents. That doesn't even pay for gas, so most cab drivers avoid the number one zone." Dwight Longus, 26, Minnesota Avenue and A Street SE: "I think fares should be raised because of the hassles you put up with and things you go through. The money's good, but I work anywhere between 10 and 14 hours a day and it wouldn't be good if I didn't work that long." Theodore R. Allen, 63, Forestville, Md.: "Yes, I think fares should be raised since gas and parts are going up. Since they put the Metro in and gas has gone up things have been getting worse and worse. I hack at the airport most of the time and things are slower." James E. Daniels, 53, 19th and U Streets SE: "I think we should have meters. We'd get more money and less hassle." Berhane G. Hawaria, 29, 16th and S Streets NW: "Yes I do think we need a fare raise. The zones are very wide in the city. From 22nd Street all the way to Capitol Hill only costs $1.10, which is not enough even for the gas." CAPTION: Picture 1 through 7, no caption