Christopher Chappell Born, 21, a former student at Alice Deal Junior High and Woodrow Wilson High School, died Sunday at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester. Mass., of injuries suffered in an automobile accident.

Worcester police said Mr. Born's car had become disabled in an accident and he was standing next to it when he was struck by another vehicle. He died shortly afterward.

Mr. Born was born in Canberra, Australia, into a Foreign Service family. The family established a home in Washington in 1969. After about two years at Wilson High, Mr. Born attended the Windsor Mountain School in Lenox, Mass. He was studying electrical engineering at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst at the time of his death.

Mr. Born was a staff member of the university radio station and was working part-time as a short-order cook in Amherst to help pay his college expenses. He was a member of the college Frisbee team.

Survivors include his parents, Donald W. Born, who currently is stationed in Accra, Ghana, and Margot C. Born, of the home in Washington; three brothers, Timothy W., a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauretania, Peter T., a student at the University of Massachusetts, and Stephen M., of the home; a sister, Susan, of Accra, and his grandmothers, Margaret Chappell, of Marblehead, Mass, and Katherine Brigham, of Boston.