Five men have been arrested in connection with a lengthy D.C. Superior Court grand jury investigation that focused on control of the city's prostitution activities.

In indictments handed down Tuesday, two separate grand juries charged that four of the men induced a total of nine women, including one juvenile, to engage in prostitution and that they received money in exchange for the women's sexual activities. The grand juries also charged that three of the men assaulted women they had induced into prostitution.

Prosecutors and police investigators refused to disclose yesterday whether additional indictments were returned in Superior Court Tuesday. The indictments relating to the five men were unsealed yesterday after the arrests.

It was reported last August that prosecutors had forcused their ivestigation on the men who were said to control prostitution activities. Prostitutes were called before the grand juries in connection with a wide range of offenses tied to the prostitution business, including violent assaults.

The investigation was made difficult by the reluctance of some prostitutes to turn over information on "pimps" because they feared reprisals. In the indictments unsealed yesterday, two of the men were charged by the grand jury with obstruction of justice. They are accused of threatening two women whom they had allegedly engaged in prostitution.

The five men arrested as a result of the indictments are Gordon R. (Mr. Delicious) Stephens, 31; Dennis (Scooby Doo) Alexander, 32; James Calvin McEachin, 22; John L. Smith, 29 and Jerry Anderson 23.

Stephens and Alexander were arrested Tuesday night at 13915 Overton La. in Colesville. Alexander is charged by the grand jury with a single violation of the Bail Reform Act for failure to appear in Superior Court for sentencing in a misdemeanor case. As of late yesterday both were detained by law enforcement authorities in Montgomery County.

Smith, who lives at 1112 11th St. NW, and Anderson, of 1464 Rhode Island Ave. NW, were ordered held on a $10,000 surety bond late yesterday by Judge Eugene N. Hamilton.

McEachin, of 3101 Southern Ave. SE, is currently on trial in Superior Court on armed kidnaping, armed robbery and assault charges. He was arrested on the indictment at the close of the court day Tuesday, and Judge Hamilton ordered yesterday that McEachin be held on a $10,000 bond.

The U.S. attorney's office refused to comment on the investigation or the indictments unsealed yesterday. Prosecutors have worked closely with investigators from the D.C. police porstitution enforcement unit and with detectives from a special juvenile prostitution unit.