"How do you handle the cold weather?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Craig Herndon went to Connecticut Avenue and K Street to ask vendors how they keep warm when the temperature drops.

Brian Grimes, 23, Alexandria: "I'm getting a down jacket that's guaranteed to keep you warm in temperatures down to 65 below. I try to keep my body moving to keep warm."

Thierry deChaunac Lanzac, 27, Alexandia: "I wear a lot of clothes and try to keep my car nearby.

When it gets real cold I jump in and put on the heater. But around Christmas people like to buy things, so it's worth it."

Rebecca Campbell, 21, of 21st and N streets NW: "I wear long johns, heavy socks and a down jacket. My lips get chapped, but I don't suffer much because I spent four years in the Swiss Alps, and winters here are mild by comparison. But in January and February no one in their right mind comes out because people have spent all their money and the really bad weather hits."

Robert Millington, 37, Forestville, Md: "The cold weather doesn't stop us because we have to make a living. I keep moving around to stay warm."

Geoff Lawrence, 33, Landover, Md: "We're here all year round, unless it rains or snows, so we dress as warm as possible. It does get very cold, and it's hard on the body."

Van Zisk, 42, Clinton, Md: "The wind is the worst part, and I dress very warmly-thermal underwear, thermal gloves and thermal hat, I sell hats, so the cold weather is good for business."

Wayne Dressing, 25, Largo, Md: "I drink a little whiskey and when it gets really cold I go inside a lobby. My mommy packs me with a scarf and an extra bottle." CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 7, no caption