The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has certified official returns of the Nov. 7 general election that show Democratic nominee Marion Barry won the mayoral race by 69,933 votes to 28,048 for Republican candidate Arthur A. Fletcher.

The retyrns showed that 101,470 persons voted in the mayoral election, either for one of the four candidates listed on the ballot or for write-ins. The turnout was 43 percent of the 249,524 persons registered to vote.

The two other mayoral candidates on the ballot were Glova E. Scott, an Independent, who got 659 votes, and Susan Penningtonthe U.S. Labor Party nominee, who got 1,098. There were 1,184 wrute-ins and 548 uncountable ballots.

The official vote totals, higher than those compiled unofficialyy the day after the election, include absentee ballots and all challenged ballots that were ultimately counted.

The totals, which were oficially certified on Nov. 20, did not significantly change the earlier distribution of votes. Barry, for example, was listed as taking 69 percent of the mayoral votes on both the unofficial preliminary figures and the final official tally.

Under D.C. election law, names of write-ins are not counted unless it is mathematicalley possible that they might change the result of a race. In no case on Nov. 7 was that possible, so there is no official tally of votes cast for individual write-in candidates.

Write-in campaigns were spirited in two ward races for seats on the D.C. City Council. In Ward 5, incumbent Nadine R. Spaulding held off a challenge from writ-in candidate Robert I. Artisst. In Ward 6, incumbent Nadine P. Winter won over writ-in challenger Patricia Rice Press.

The Board of Elections last week turned down an offer by the D.C. League of Women Voters to count the write-in votes by name in Ward 5, where voting was conducted experimentalyy with punch-card devices. The rest of the city used electronic balloting scannign devices.

Board members said they were satisfied with the official count.

Following are figures certified by the Board of Elections. Winning candidates are listed first, with others shown in their order on the ballots. Abbreviations are: D, Democratic; R, Rapublican; S, Statehood; USL, U.S. Labor; SW, Socialists Workers, and Ind, Independent.