A federal jury in Alexandria awarded a New Hampshire man $25,000 in damages against an Alexandria lawyer who failed to file on time a civil lawsuit stemming from an assault in a Washington restaurant.

Walter H. Sweeney sued lawyer Thomas P. Mains for $200,000 claiming that Mains failed to file the lawsuit within the one-year statute of limitations as required by law in the District of Columbia, where the assault occurred.

Mains failed to file the suit against two men who broke Sweeney's nose, cheekbone and eye socket in a brawl at Dankers East restaurant, 1209 E. St. NW on Aug. 13, 1975, Sweeney said in court papers.

In his suit against Mains, Sweeney claimed he gave Mains files and photographs concerning the case in March 1976 and that Mains returned the files to him on Aug. 27, two weeks after the statute of limitations ran out.

Sweeney claimed he therefore lost the chance to recover more than $8,000 in damages against the two men who allegedly assaulted him.

Main's attorney, Phil Sheridan, argued that Sweeney might not have won a suit, had it been filed, and that he could ave filed it in Virginia, where the statute of limitations is two years.