John C. Moore, 79, a chemist who was an authority in the field of paints and chemical coatings, died Dec. 9 in a Southampton, Pa., hospital following a heart attack.

He was a resident of Bethesda for 26 years before moving to Southampton in 1973.

Mr. Moore was named scientific director of the National Paint, Varnish & Lacquer Association, a trade research organization, where he helped develop standard paint specifications for government and industry.

**he founded Moore Research Laboratories in Bethesda in 1956. Yhe lab helped develop inspection standards for coatings.

Mr. Moore belonged to a number of professional organizations. These included the American Societty for Testing and Materials. He was a section editor of the American Chemical Socierty's "Chemical Abstracts," belonged to the Natioral Research Council's Transportation Research Board, and the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology.

He was a native of Matador, Tex., and earned a bachelor's degree at Texas A&M. He worked as a chemist in Texas and Pennsylvania before coming to Washington.

Mr. Moore received a commendation from the old War Procuction Board in 1942 for his contributions in the development of camouflage, flame-resistant, and fluorescent coatings.

Survivors include his two sons, Charles, of Southampton, and William, of Randolph, N.J.; three sisters, Marjoria Harper, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and Olive Russell and Josephine Hamilton, both of Matador; 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.