The Metropolitan Police Department last week dedicated its new $2.3 million Sixth District station house at 42nd Street and Benning Road NE, the most recent of its headquarters to be completed under its modernization program.

The station house, located next to the old Sixth District headquarters, will serve one of the largest areas in the city, police said.

At the ceremony attended by several hundred residents, Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson said that the police department cannot prevent and solve crime without the help of the community, and that area civic associations and the police advisory committee have been instrumental in helping reduce crime in Northeast.

Police officials said that the new station house in one of the most modern and best equipped in the city. The station house, headed by Deputy Chief Theodore R. Carr, will include a staff of 299, with 20 scout cars, eight unmarked cruisers, six command cars, a canine unit and a patrol wagon, police officials said.

The headquarters also will house a community meeting room and youth and community services branch offices.

The facility, which will serve about 98,000 residents in far Nrtheast, is vastly different from the first police station set up in the area in 1948. The station, then known as the 14th Precinct, was located in Davis Elementary School at 44th Place and H Street SE.

Far Northeast was considered a forgotten area in those days, and the precinct had only two scout cars, which patrolled a sevensquare-mile area east of the Anacostia River and north of Pennsylvania Avenue. The facility had no place to hold prisoners, and one patrol wagon shuttled prisoners back and forth.

At the time, Benning Road was the only street to Southern Avenue SE, and East Capitol Street stopped at Benning Road.