Retiring Sen. William L. Scott (R.-Va.) eased to frantic job hunting by some of his staff yesterday when he got a commitment from Virginia Sen.-elect John W. Warner to hire some of them.

"I recommended the entire staff, but of course that would be too much to expect," Scott said. The two Republicans had lunch in the Senate dining room.

Later yesterday, Warner's transition office released the names of eight senior staff appointments, including that of John T. White of Scott's staff, as legislative assistant. The Warner staff will be headed by Albert A. Applegate, 50, who formerly worked for Sen. Robert Griffin of Michigan.

Scott also said that he has purchased from the General Accounting Office $2,009 worth of furnishings from his government office in Richmond.Scott said he would use part of the furniture and equipment in his law office in Springfield, and part in his home in Fairfax.

The other appointments made by Warner yesterday were his campaign manager, Judy Peachee of Chesterfield County, to direct The Richmond office; Charles F. Goodspeed of Reston, constituent services; Andrew F. Wahlquist of Vienna, executive assistant; William Holt Kling of Arlington, press secretary; Irene B. Forde, Newport New, press assistant, Travis Horel, McLean, appointments secretary.