Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Gilluly, 32, a Navy pilot accused of sexually assaulting a 27-year old Alexandria woman after a date last summer, was convicted of abduction and assault and battery but acquitted of a rape charge and two counts of sodomy.

The jury of 11 men and one woman returned the verdicts in Alexandria Circuit Court shortly before noon after six hours of deliberation. The jurors recommended that Gilluly, a decorated Vietnam air combat veteran, be sentenced to six months in prison and fined $1,000 for each of two felonies. Sentencing was set for Feb. 13. If convicted of the rape charge, Gilluly could have faced life imprisonment.

"I know this has been a difficult case for you,"Circuit Court Judge Wiley Wright told the jury afterwards.

Visibly shaken by the verdict, Giluly was led quickly from the courtroom by his attorney, Stephen A. Armstrong, and declined to comment. He drove away in a yellow sports car minutes later.

The charges against Gilluly, now a cost analyst at the Navy Annex in Arlington, were brought by a young woman who said the 185-pound officer became "perturbed" when she resisted his advances after a dinner-dance in the early morning hours of july 8.

The woman, a sales representative for a local book company, was not present for the verdict.

"Ther was no evidence," said one juror in an interview. "It was her word against his word. We did'nt belive allher testimony, but didn't believe all of his either. We'll probably never know what really happened."

Both Gilluly and the woman testified taht they had met two days prior to the dinner-dance. After the date, they said, they returned to the officer's Alexandria apartment at 3 a.m. to practice disco dancing.

The woman, a 105-pound brunette, testified that when she resisted Gilluly's advances, he forced her into the bedroom, tied her to the bed and struck her with a riding crop. She said he then beat her with a wooden fraternity paddle, and raped and sodomized her before she escaped, running barefoot down 16 flights of steps. See Gilluly, C4, Col. 5 Gilluly, From C1

The passer-by she flagged down to take her home testified that the woman told him she had been raped.

Gilluly said on the witness stand that the woman had consented to the beatings and denied having any sexual intercourse with her.

According to medical reports, there was no semen present in either the woman's vagina or anus, although she sustained injuries to both.

Midway through their deliberations, the jury asked to read a hospital report that contained statements the woman had made to an examining physician. But the document, portions of which were read in open court, was not admitted as evidence, "That was the deciding factor," one juror said,

The juror said the assault and battery and abduction charges were disposed of first. "We had the pictures," said the juror, refering to photographs admitted as evidence.

At one point the vote on the rape charge was seven to five, in favor of acquittal. "We went back to the judge's instructions. We handled the sexual paraphernalia. Based on the evidence, the prosecution failed to prove its case," said the juror.

A Navy legal spokesman said yesterday Gilluly will not face automatic expulsion from the service. But he said officers traditionally are asker to resign if convicted.