MERRY CHRISTMAS, Merry Christmas, Merry Chirstmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to the people who sell firewood door-to-door and to the woman who gave up sex for jogging and hurt her back anyway. Merry Christmas to Billy Carter who dressed in pop-tops for a buck and to Maurice Cullinane, the former police chief of this town who retired, as is traditional, on disability. If it doesn't hurt too much, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christman to all who visited in this column. Season's Greeting to Steve Seymour, a translator who has had better years, and Merry Christmas to a kid in Northwest Washington who could not go to school because he had head lice. He has them again, Merry Christmas, anyway.

Season's Greetings to Sharon McCann who ran an abortion clinic as sitins blocked the door, and a special greeting to a chubby blond girl I saw there waiting to have an abortion. She was nothing but a child. Merry Christmas, little girl, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to Sally Nally, the woman who thought she was too beautiful for her own good. I'm sorry the column stung. The best to Sammie Abbott, still fighting after all these years, and to Radio City Music Hall, still standing after all these years, and to Milton Kronheim, still a charmer after all these years and to Uncle Itzel at the Hebrew Home-Itzel of the Daily Forward. Happy Hanukah, Uncle Itzel. You, too, Rose.

To Laura Kiernan, the colleague whose smoke was getting up my nose-Merry Christmas. To Edward Moore Kennedy, still asking the hard question-Merry Christmas and good luck. A holiday salute to Sister Paige and Brother Frog who preach to prisoners at Lorton, and season's greetings to the men I met there-human beings all.

Merry Christmas to Muhammad Ali, the last hero of my youth, and to Robert Moses, still dreaming of building bridges, and to Walter Washington, a decent man who leaves office with his head held high. The best to you, Mister Mayor. Merry Christmas to Newton Steers and Blair Lee and Winnie Kelly and Andy Miller and Steny Hoyer. To all of November's losers-Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to Allan McClain, a farmer from Texas who came to Washington beacuse he was going broke back home.He gave me a column and bought me a beer. Merry Christmas to secretaries harassed at work and divorcees who have to struggle to make ends meet and to a guy named Robert Johnson who lost a friend in a truck accident and wanted him rememnered. I still remember.

Bow your head for a moment to remember Hubert Humphrey and say Merry Christmas to David Welhause wh guarded the casket. Pause for Golda Meir and for the boat people dying in the suff. Say Merry Christmas to Taylor who cared about the old people in his building and wish a Merry Christmas to Miss Williams who got her apartment for life because Taylor cared. Merry Christmas to everyone who cares.

A Happy Hanukah to Debbie Copper who lost her guitar music on the bus and a tip of the hat to the guy who called and said he would be glad to share his. I hope they fell in love. Merry Christmas to Frank Snepp, who wanted to tell the truth, and to Ronald Humphries and David Truong, spies to break your heart. A holiday salute to women who want to get into locker rooms and a toast to a guy who wants a career instead of a job. Raise a glass to Betty Ford and make a wish for Patty Hearst- home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to the kids in the car pool and to little Aaron who got hit by a car. Seasons Greetings to the cops in the speed trap, and the best to the woman who wants her husband and a career too. A cheer to the people who extended the ERA and a moment of thanks for the people who remember what was done to the Rosenbergs. Mery Christmas to Marvin Mandel and to Peter Bourne. Some things I would do differently.

Merry Christmas to Myron Farber for doing what a reporter should do and to the ACLU for doing what is has always done and to David Goldberger who spent the year defending Nazis in Skokie. Now go wash your hands, David. A Happy Hanukah to Avital Scharansky and, of course, to the brave Anatoly. A toast to the doughty Jimmy Burke, a former pol of Massachusetts, and to teachers everywhere-especially the ones who called to give me hell. The best to Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin.

Merry Christmas to the people who will sleep on the grates this Christmas eve and to the others who reminded us that they were there. A toast to the memory of Leo Ryan, who bothered to care, and a pause to remember the children of Jonestown, the poor, the sick and those who will spend Christmas alone.

Merry Christmas to the Scrooges for their cynicism and to the romantics for their sentiments and especially to those who try. A special Merry Christmas to those who try.

Merry Christmas.