Roland Crumpler and his wife, Marion Murphy Crumpler, both of them retired officials of the Department of Agriculture, were killed Friday in a traffic accident on U.S. Rte. 301 near Rocky Mount, N.C.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol officials said the car driven by Mr. Crumpler was struck-as it pulled onto the highway-by a car driven by Esmond P. Philpotts, a Marine stationed at the New River, N.C., Marine Air Station. Mr. Philpotts and three other occupants of his car were injured, police said.

Mr. Crumpler was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and Mrs. Crumpler was pronounced dead at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount. The Crumplers had lived in Washington since 1933 and were on their way to a farm they owned near Fayetteville, N.C., for the Christmas holidays.

Mrs. Crumplers was a native of Uniontown, Pa. She came to Washington in 1933 and shortly thereafter went to work for the Department of Agriculture.

Mr. Crumpler was born on a farm near Fayetteville and he also came to Washington in 1933 and went to work at Agriculture. That is where the Crumplers met.

At the time of his retirement about 1969, Mr. Crumpler was head of the department's land use division. At the time of her retirement in 1970, Mrs. Crumplers was secretary to the Commodity Credit Corp.

Survivors include Tom Murphy, of Bethesda, a brother of Mrs. Crumpler, Mrs. Lester Smith, of Washington, a sister of Mrs. Crumpler, and Mrs. James Dale, of Fayetteville, and Mrs. Theresa C. Stone, of Autryville, N.C., both sisters of Mr. Crumpler.