"How do you plan to spend New Year's Eve?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and a photographer Vanessa Barnes went to 12 and G streets NW to ask residents about their holiday plans. ;

Janet Dearborn, 33 analyst, Arlington: "I plan to be skiing. This is going to be a special trip to New Hampshire with a group of friends.";

Bettie Debruhl, 17, student, resident at 16th Street and Blagden Avenue NW: "I plan to party. I'm home from school. I go to the University of Houston. 2hm going to see my old friends and help bring the New Year in.";

Carole Clayton, 18, student, resident at 16th Street and Blagden Avenue NW: "I'm a student at the University of Tampa. Besides partying, I plan to call my boyfriend in Miami, enjoy some good hoom cooking and just avisit with my family.";

Johnny Manson, 24, Student at Howard University, resident of Landover, Md.: "I'm going to a black officers celebration out at the Sheraton Hotel.";

Bart Mitcehll, 27, salesman, Silver Spring: "I'm very undecided. I haven't had a thing in mind. During past years I've been caught working on New Year's Eve.";

Carrie Johnson, 25, education specialist, Forrestville, Md.: "We're giving a party at my house for friends and family. This is the first time we're doing this. We usually go out.";

George Tansey, civil service worker, resident, 17th and R streets NW: "I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve. Sometimes I go to a pub and whoop it up. I might do that this year. I'll play it by ear.";