Doctors Hospital will go to court if necessary to get permission to move from its present location at 1815 I St. NW to a remodeled facility at 1143 New Hampshire Ave. NW, hospital officials said yesterday.

Dr. Karl C. Jonas, president of the hospital's medical staff, said that the hospital had been "victimized" and denied due process, by the decision of the District of Columbia's State Health Planning and Development Agency not to grant the needed certificate of need that would allow Doctors to move.

Doctors must move by late 1980 because its present facility is scheduled for demolition as part of the International Square development between 18th and 19th and I and K streets.

The local planning agency announced in October that it would not renew the certifificate of need for Doctors because the hospital had entered into an arrangement with American Health Services to sell the New Hampshire Avenue facility to it and then lease back the building. The planning agency said the lease arrangement would not give the hospital adequate control over the new facility.

Jonas said the agency's decision would be appealed to the District's Board of Appeals and Review and to Department of Human Resouces director Albert P. Russo. Failing a satisfactory outcome at that level, Jonas said, the hospital was prepared to take the matter before the D.C. Court of Appeals.