Washington -- Today and tonight: Cloudy and unusually warm with an 80 percent chance of showers, highs 55 to 60, lows 47 to 52. Southerly winds 10 to 20 m.p.h. Tuesday: Chance of showers early, becoming windy and much colder with temperatures dropping into the 30s by late afternoon.

Maryland and Virginia: Today: Cloudy and mild with showers likely in the mountains and a chance at showers clsewhere, highs 50s to near 60. Showers likely Monday night, changing to snow fluturries in the mountains and becoming much colder, lows in the 20s in the mountains to the 50s southeast. Tuesday. Windy and much colder with snow flurries likely in the mountains and a chance of showers elsewhere, steady or falling temperatures.

Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay -- Cloudy with a chance of showers Monday. Visibility lowering to poor during showers. Southerly winds 10 to 20 knots, 15 to 25 knots tonight. Waves two to three feet.

Extended Area Forecast for Wednesday through Friday -- Clear and cold during the period with a chance of snow flurries in the mountains Wednesday, highs in the 30s, low in the teens.

Washington data for yesterday: Highest temperature since midnight yesterday, 45 degrees at 6:35 p.m. Lowest temperature since midnight, 37 degrees at 8:57 a.m. Excess of temperature since Dec. 1, 185 degress. Excess of temperature since Jan. 1, 401 degrees. Record high temperature for today, 68 degrees in 1966. Record low temperature for today, -- 14 degrees is 1881.Relative humidity: maximum, 96 percent at 11 a.m.; minimum, 53 percent at 2 a.m. 24 hour precipitation, 34 inches. Excess of precipitating since Dec. 1,.94 inches Excess of precipitation since Jan. 1,.65 inches. Highest observed wind since 7 a.m., 9 miles per hour from the south at 6 p.m. No peak gust since 7 a.m.

The Nation Yesterday: A Large winter stirm dumped snow, freezing severe weather over the country severe weather ocer the country yesterday. Snow fll from New Mexico across northwest Texas through Missouri and the upper Great Lakes Region. The snow diminished over partions of Missouri and Kansas. The main area of freezing rain mixed with sleet and some snow extended from northwestern Misouri into Central Illinois. Rain reached from southern New England through New Jersey across the Appalachians and the Ohio Valley. The frontal system associated with storm friggered severe thunderstorms from Louisians across Mississippi into Tennessee and Arkansas. During the afternoon two for nadoes dipped down in Kansas and one in western Tennessee. Rainfall was locally heavy from Mississippi, into the Ohio Valley and a number of flash flood watches were required. The storm will continue to spread snow and freezing rain northeastward. Heavy snow warnings were posted last night from northwestern Missouri, through eastern lowa, northwestern Illinois, across Wisconsin, upper Michigan and northern and central lower Michigan. Another foot of snow could fall over sourhtern Wisconsin. Winter storm warnings were in effect last night for southerstern Mistouri and southwest and central Illinois. Flash flood watches were a effect from portions of Mississippi and Tennessee through Kenlucky and darts of southern Indiana and Illinois and in south and Central Ohio. In the wake of the storm the very sold Arctic air continued to bring the coldest weather of the winter to much of the nation west of the Mississppi River. Many afternoon temperatures failed to reach above the zero mark from the northern Rockies across the northern Great Plains. A number of citics had high temperatyres that reached only to 10 degrees below zero. The warmest parts of the nation during the atternoon were over.

The National Weather Forecast for today -- Rain will reach from New England through the Cardines, across the Appalachings over the upper Ohio Valiey, the lower Great Lakes region and the Tennessee Valley. Snow will fall from the upper Great Lakes region, over the mid-Mississippi Valley and the Eastern portions of the central Great Plains into Oklahoma.Scattered showers and thundershowers will extend from Mississippi through Alabama and Georgia. Elsewhere most skies will be sunny or partly cloudy. The nation west of the Mississippi will have very cold terrperatures. Mild temperatures will continue from Alabama and Florida over the Appalachians and east to the Aflantic Coast and through most of New England. extreme south Texas and southern Florida.

Almanc Data for today: The sun rises 7:27 a.m., sets 4:57 p.m.; moon rises 8:45 p.m. sets 7:28 a.m. Tides: high 9:33 a.m. and 9:48 p.m., low 4:29 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. High and low fides of the following locations may be obtained by subtracting the hours indicated from the hours above: Annapolis (3 1/4), Bloody Point Lighthouse (4 1/2), Deale. Md (4 1/2), Colonial Beach (5 1/4), Norfolk (1), Virginia Beach (3/4), Solomons Island (6 1/4), Point Lookout (7).

Local Temp., Humidity (TABLE) Time(COLUMN)T.(COLUMN)H. 12 mid.(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)73 1 a.m.(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)67 2 a.m.(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)53 3 a.m.(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)70 4 a.m.(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)70 5 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)89 6 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)85 7 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)93 8 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)89 9 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)89 10 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)93 11 a.m.(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)96 12 noon(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)93 1 p.m.(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)89 2 p.m.(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)89 3 p.m.(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)89 4 p.m.(COLUMN)42(COLUMN)86 5 p.m.(COLUMN)42(COLUMN)89 6 p.m.(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)86 7 p.m.(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)89 8 p.m.(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)89 9 p.m.(COLUMN)45(COLUMN)89 10 p.m.(COLUMN)45(COLUMN)89 11 p.m.(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)89(END TABLE) Temperatures ending 7 p.m. (EST) yesterday (TABLE) City(COLUMN)L.(COLUMN)H. Albany(COLUMN)23(COLUMN)38 Albuguerque(COLUMN)29(COLUMN)43 Amarillo(COLUMN)7(COLUMN)12 Anchorage(COLUMN)22(COLUMN)28 Asheville(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)54 Atlanta(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)64 Affantic City(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)46 Austin(COLUMN)33(COLUMN)35 Baltimore(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)42 Billings(COLUMN)-23(COLUMN)-5 Birmingham(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)70 Bismarck(COLUMN)-28(COLUMN)-8 Boise(COLUMN)0(COLUMN)11 Boston(COLUMN)32(COLUMN)41 Brownsville(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)81 Buffalo(COLUMN)35(COLUMN)42 Burlington(COLUMN)30(COLUMN)35 Casper(COLUMN)-34(COLUMN)-3 Charleston, S.C.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)67 Charleston, W.V.(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)61 Chariotte, N.C.(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)58 Cheyenne(COLUMN)-9(COLUMN)10 Chicago(COLUMN)23(COLUMN)33 Cincinnat,(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)59 Cleveland(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)54 Columbia, S.C.(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)71 Columbus(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)56 Dal.-Ft. Worth(COLUMN)27(COLUMN)31 Dayton(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)56 Denver(COLUMN)-3(COLUMN)15 Des Molnes(COLUMN)7(COLUMN)9 Delrolt(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)38 Duluth(COLUMN)-16(COLUMN)4 El Paso(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)55 Evansville(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)59 Fairbanks(COLUMN)-8(COLUMN)-2 Fargo(COLUMN)-23(COLUMN)-10 Flagstaff(COLUMN)13(COLUMN)36 Great Falls(COLUMN)-22(COLUMN)-3 Hartford(COLUMN)29(COLUMN)33 Helena(COLUMN)-23(COLUMN)-11 Honolulu(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)75 Houston(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)68 Indianapolis(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)52 Jackson(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)72 Jacksonville(COLUMN)45(COLUMN)75 Juneau(COLUMN)9(COLUMN)18 Kansas City(COLUMN)11(COLUMN)12 Las Vegas(COLUMN)25(COLUMN)50 Little Rock(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)43 Los Angeles(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)64 Louisville(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)62 Memphis(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)68 Miami Beach(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)76 Midland.-Odessa(COLUMN)22(COLUMN)25 Milwaukee(COLUMN)20(COLUMN)24 Mpls.-St. Paul(COLUMN)-5(COLUMN)4 Nastiville(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)63 New Orleans(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)74 New York(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)45 Norfolk(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)59 North Platte(COLUMN)-5(COLUMN)0 Oklahoma City(COLUMN)15(COLUMN)16 Omaha(COLUMN)3(COLUMN)5 Oriando(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)78 Philadelphia(COLUMN)35(COLUMN)44 Phoenix(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)60 Pittsburgh(COLUMN)39(COLUMN)51 Portland, Maine(COLUMN)22(COLUMN)37 Portland, Ors.(COLUMN)13(COLUMN)19 Providence(COLUMN)28(COLUMN)41 Raleign(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)68 Rapid City(COLUMN)-17(COLUMN)-3 Reno(COLUMN)-4(COLUMN)28 Richmond(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)52 St. Louis(COLUMN)22(COLUMN)30 St. Prbg.-Tampa(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)79 Salt Lake City(COLUMN)4(COLUMN)20 San Antonio(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)41 San Diego(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)64 San Francisco(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)56 San Juan, P.R.(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)83 S. St. Marie(COLUMN)16(COLUMN)24 Seattle(COLUMN)13(COLUMN)26 Shreveport(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)61 Sloux Falls(COLUMN)-10(COLUMN)3 Spokane(COLUMN)-22(COLUMN)-5 Syracuse(COLUMN)32(COLUMN)40 Topeka(COLUMN)9(COLUMN)10 Tucson(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)57 Tulsa(COLUMN)17(COLUMN)19 Washington(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)45 Wichita(COLUMN)10(COLUMN)12(END TABLE) Temperatures Abroad Yesterday (TABLE) City(COLUMN)Time(COLUMN)Temp.(COLUMN)Weather Aberdeen(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)19(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Amsterdam(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)16(COLUMN)clear Ankara(COLUMN)3 a.m.(COLUMN)32(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Antigua(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)clear Athens(COLUMN)2 a.m.(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)cldy. Auckland(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)cldy. Beirut(COLUMN)2 a.m.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)clear Bemin(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)0(COLUMN)clear Birmingham(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)19(COLUMN)clear Bonn(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)5(COLUMN)cldy. Brussels(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)12(COLUMN)clear Copenhagen(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)14(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Dublin(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)28(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Geneva(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Hong Kona(COLUMN)8 a.m.(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)clear Jerusalem(COLUMN)2 a.m.(COLUMN)41(COLUMN)clear Lisbon(COLUMN)mdnt.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)cldy. London(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)25(COLUMN)clear madrid(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)cldy. Malta(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)clear Manila(COLUMN)8 a.m.(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)clear Moscow(COLUMN)3 a.m.(COLUMN)-27(COLUMN)clear New Delhl(COLUMN)5 a.m.(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)clear Nice(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)clear Oslo(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)-9(COLUMN)clear Parls(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)12(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Peking(COLUMN)8 a.m.(COLUMN)12(COLUMN)fop Rome(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Seoul(COLUMN)9 a.m.(COLUMN)19(COLUMN)clear Sofia(COLUMN)2 a.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)clear Stockholm(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)-15(COLUMN)clear Taipei(COLUMN)8 a.m.(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)cldy. Tokyo(COLUMN)9 a.m.(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)pt. cldy Tunis(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)clear. Vienna(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)pt. cldy. Warsaw(COLUMN)1 a.m.(COLUMN)0(COLUMN)cldy.(END TABLE) (TABLE) *8*South America Buenos Aires(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)Rio De Lima(COLUMN)7 p.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)atloldy(COLUMN)Janeiro(COLUMN)9 p.m.(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)cldy.(END TABLE) CAPTION: Map, no caption