The frozen corpse of a newborn baby girl, the numbilical cord still attached to her body, was discovered yesterday morning by a janitor emptying trash at the Tysons Corner shopping complex in Fairfax County.

Police investigating the infant's death said an autopsy will be performed to determine whether she was born deal or died ofter birth as the result of negligence or intentional homicide.

"If it was dead when born, then there's no crime," said Coline Kozloff, a police inspector for Fairfax County's homicide section. He estimated it will take one or two days to complete tests to determine the cause of death.

Kozloff, who is kinvestigating the death and who went ot the scene where the baby was found, said that a janitor discovered the infact girl about 7:40 a.m. while he was emptying trash bins collected from around the huge shopping center.

The janitor, as is customary, was empthing the bins into a larger trash removal receptacle and checking the contents for valuables when he found the baby wrapped in a bathroom carpet and placed inside a trash bag, Kozloff said.

Police said they believe the trash bin containing the baby came from the Clock Court area of the complex and that theinfant could not have been placed there earlier than Sunday since trash is removed every 24 houus.

Noting the apparently frozen state of the infant's baby, Kozloff said that condition was not consistent with recent weather in the Washington area. He theorized that the baby may have been placed in a freezer or transported in the trunk of a car from a colder area in the Northeast.

Police said the baby was a full-term infant at birth. Her body was taken to the Fairfax County Hospital morgue. Kozloff said he expects the autopsy to be performed today.