District of Columbia police arrested a 16-year-old youth and charged him with homicide yesterday after discovering the body of a 14-year-old Southeast girl in a wooded area near 1655 W St. SE. The girl had been shot three times, police said.

Robin Evette Gleaton of 2607 Douglas Rd. was reported missing by her parents shortly after midnight Saturday when she failed to return from a trip to a local grocery store, according to her mother, Gloria Gleaton.

At about 2:30 p.m. Friday, Mrs. Gleaton said, her daughter told her brother she was leaving for a quick trip to the Fatman's Groceries store on Stanton Road near her home. The girl never returned and her family spent the weekend looking for her.

The girl's body was found about 6:45 a.m. by a neighorhood resident, police said. They gave no details.

Police said the suspect, whose name could not be released because of his age, would be formally charged with murder today in D.C. Superior Court.

Gloria Gleaton said she had not met the youth suspected in the shooting, but that he had called the Gleatons' apartment several times to ask for Robin.

"I didn't allow her to date, because she was 14," Mrs. Gleaton said. "But I did say that her friends could come over and visit her. This boy never came over."

Mrs. Gleaton said that family members had determined that Robin had gone to Fatman's Groceries Friday afternoon, but had been unable to discover what had happened to her after-ward.

"We called everyone or visited everyone who might know where she was, Gleaton said."But nobody knew anything about it, or where she had gone."

Robin Gleaton was a student at Douglass Junior High School, her mother said, and had typical enthusiasms for a girl her age: "rock music, ballet, TV, swimming."

"We knew something was wrong when she hadn't come back by midnight," Mrs. Gleaton said. "She had a midnight curfew, and she only stayed out until midnight if she had a specific place she was going -- a party in the neighborhood or something like that."