"What are your New Year's resolutions?" Staff writer Seth Moskowitz and photographer Craig Herndon went to 14 and F street NW to ask resident about their resolutions for 1979.

Walter Gawlak, 31, attorney, Seventh and A streets NE: "I think you've got the wrong person. I just don't make any New Year's resolutions. I guess if it was Christmas I would say "Bah humbug.'"

Matilde Corporan, 25, bank teller, 16th and Harvard streets NW: "Get a better job. Definitely.And get better pay, because the pay we get in Washington is very bad. Especially at the bank."

Mary Nelson, 24, educational aide, Georgia Avenue and Harvard Street NW: "My New Year's resolution is to work harder and to get me a brand new 1978 280z (Datsun)."

Charles O. Perry, 50 plus, public school biology teacher, Eastern Avenue and Riggs Street NE: "Ohhhh... more education: job related. I need about six hours more for in-service certification."

Mark Washington, 25, shoe salesman, 16th Street and Park Row NW: "To save more money; to get more out of the economy these days. I guess I have to revise my budget. My whole resolution for the new year is based on the budget and inflationary situation. I'm happy with everything except I can't get my money's worth out of the dollar."

Andrea Zedalis, 31, congressional staff assistant, Second and C streets SE: "I'm giving up smoking, it's simple. I don't know if it's going to work, but that's it, one's enough."

Vincent Quinlan, 30, musician, White Oak, Md.: "Stop drinking. Alcohol is mine -- I made that decision. The lot. No booze. Irishmen are very drastic like that. And the next one is let women open doors for me for a change because I've opened a lot for them."