The Episcopal diocese of Chicago has its third woman priest.

The Rev. Pamela Mylet of suburban Evanston, whose application for ordination to the priesthood was turned down earlier this year by the standing committee of her home diocese, was ordained last week in St. Luke's Church at Evanston by the Rt. Rev. Charles Bennison, bishop of the diocese of Western Michigan.

She was required to take a circuitous route to her ordination seryice.

Since the general convention of the Episcopal Church approved the ordination of women as priests in 1976, the Chicago diocese has been sharply divided Bishop James W. Montgomery, an opponent of women's ordination, will not conduct such rites, but has permitted his assistant, Bishop Quintin E. Primo, to do so.

Bishop Primo, with the standing committee's approval, ordained the Rev. Alice Memmer and the Rev. Bliss Williams in 1977. Since then, however, a new more conservative standing committee rejected Mylet's application, "solely because she is a woman."

Meanwhile, Bishop Montgomery agreed to go along with a round-about procedure that eventually led to Mylet's ordination. As a deacon, she was transferred to the diocess of Western Michigan, whose standing committee approved her credentials.

Arrangements then were made for Bishop Bennison to conduct the rite in the Evanston church, wher Mrs. Mylet has served as a deacon.