William C. Paley, co-owner of two trendy, California style restaurant/ bars in Washington and the only son of retired CBS board chairman William S. Paley, has pleaded innocent in D.C. Superior Court to charges of possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Paley. 30, was charged with the drug offenses, both of which are misdemeanors, Dec. 22 after he was stopped by police for a traffic violation in the 900 block of H Street NW, according to his lawyer, R. Keith Stroup.

Stroup, former director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and now an attorney in private practice, said Paley was initially stopped by police because the inspection sticker on his car was expired.

According to court records, Paley also did not have a valid driver's permit.

Stroup said Paley was charged with the drug violations after police searched him and found four marijuana cigarettes and an empty cocaine vial in his jacket. Paley appeared before Judge Robert Scott on the charges Thursday and a trial was scheduled for Jan. 19. Paley has been free on personal recognizance.

Stroup said, however, that he expects his client will be eligible for participation in the court's First Offender Treatment Program. If a defendant complies with its conditions, the government agrees to drop the charges.

Paley is co-owner of The Gandy Dancer at 200 E St. NE on Capitol Hill and the Biltmore Ballroom, located in the Adams Morgan area at 1811 Columbia Rd. NW, Stroup said.