Virginia Lt. Gov. Charles S. (Chuck) Robb apparently has sided with Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr. over whom President Carter should nominate for four new federal judgeships in the state.

The Carter administration has complained that the list of 10 nominees Byrd has submitted for the positions does not include any women or blacks. The president has appealed to Byrd, an independent, to reconsider his nominations, but the senator has said he will stand by the 10 white males on his list.

The Associated Press reported that Robb, a Democrat said in an interview in Winchester, Byrd's hometown, that Carter should pick the new judges from the senator's list.

The lieutenant governor said Byrd fulfilled a Carter request by naming two commissions to nominate judgship candidates -- one for eastern Virginia and one for the western part of the state.

Robb said in the interview that the nominating commissions appointed by Byrd to recommend judgeship candidates considered all names submitted from organizations such as the Richmond Women's Bar Associaton.

Robb, a McLean lawyer, said he believes there are qualified women and blacks who could serve on the federal bench, but he said the commissions were asked to find the most qualified people at this time.

No one has questioned the integrity or ability of any of the nominees, Robb said, and the president is obligated to make his selections from the list.

Carter has said the positions may be allowed to remain vacant, if Byrd does not change his list.