Mayor Marion Barry has given Lorenzo W. Jacobs Jr., the one-time city housing director who was a major symbol of Barry's allegations of "bumbling and bungling" in city hall, a $38,000-a-year job in the city's personnel office.

Barry announced yesterday that in his new capacity Jacobs would have "a number of assignments" in the personnel office, one of which would be "to examine our pension program, getting a handle on it." jacobs resigned from his $47,500-a-year housing post on Jan. 2, but Barry said he waited nine days to announce the resignation because "I made the decision when I would do it.... I'm the mayor."

The announcement of Jacobs' disposition coincided with the formal introduction by the new mayor yesterday of Robert L. Moore, the city's new housing director.

Asked about Jacobs' qualifications for the personnel job, which has never been held by anyone before, Barry said, "He's a good lawyer, there's no question about that."

"This is a compassionate act," Barry said "Mr. Jacobs has over 21 years of government service. He is a lawyer, he's a human being, he has some skills and he'll perform in that job."