Virginia Lt. Gov. Charles S. Robb and Rep. Herbert E. Harris II, who have presented the White House with competing plans for resolving an impasse over new judgeships in the state, said Friday they had not talked to each other about their plans.

Harris, a Northern Virginnia Democrat, said his plan, urging President Carter to seek nominees other than the 10 white males suggested by Sen. Harry F. Byrd Jr. (I-Va.) 'is better" than Robb's proposal.

Robb, a McLean lawyer who is considered to be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 1981, said he had tried unsuccessfuly to arrange a meeting with black political leaders over his plan. The meeting was to have been held Thursday night, but "at the last minute someone objected to my attending."

Robb's plan calls for elevating a District Court judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, a step that would create a fifth District Court vacancy in the state. That would allow for the appointment of a woman or a black to the bench in line with the wishes of President Carter who is unhappy with Byrd's nominees.

This story is taken from a portion of a news story that did not run in some editions Saturday due to a typographical error.