She said she wanted to talk and to have friends, and this led to sexual acts with 50 Montgomery County police officers. "I was lonely... I just wanted to be their friend," she said yesterday in an interview.

She said she came to think that she had been used and was bitter. So she went to the officers' superiors and identified 50 men with whom she said she had engaged in sexual acts. The police department's internal division began to look into allegations that at least half of the men named may have met the woman, a 26-year-old nurse, while they were on duty.

Three investigators have been detailed for the last 10 days to conduct interviews in an effort to determine the truth or falsity of the accusations. If the proble leads to charges of engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer or unauthorized absence from one's assignment, among other charges, police officers found guilty could be demoted, suspended or fired and fined.

"I didn't mean to be out there breaking up homes," the woman said yesterday. "They were coming to me, asking for it, and I was accommodating them... I know it was bad. I don't know why, but my morals just went out the window... It's not police, it's people I'm after. Police are easy to pick up and safe to talk to late at night. I just wanted some friends."

She would meet the officers, she said, around midnight after her shift ended, at pre-arranged, secluded locations. She would perform sexual acts in the police cruisers, she said.

"I looked forward to talking to someone," she said. "I didn't enjoy [the sexual relations] but I felt it was the only way I would get them to talk to me."

After a while, she said, she would meet some officers in her home and at least once went to a motel.

The woman who agreed to be interviewed only if her name was not used, said she grew bitter over "being used" last spring after she threw an Easter party for about 10 off-duty policemen and discovered that all they came for was sex.

"I spent $40 on that party. I even mailed some invitations to the men at the station. I had a whole table of food, submarines and deviled eggs and the like, which the guys who helped me plan the party said they wanted.I bought a tablecloth with bunnies all over it and decorated my apartment. They didn't want to play my games or eat my food. All they wanted was group sex. I even had a door prize -- a big chocolate bunny -- and I found it the next morning under my sofa. After that party, the police calls to me more or less stopped."

They had begun, she said, in July 1975 when a police officer "made a pass at me at the hospital" where she worked. Later she dated that officer's partner. When they broke up several months later, she said, she would occasionally see other officers she knew at the grocery store where she often stopped on her way home from work.

"At first, they approached me. I am too shy to say to someone, 'hey, come with me'... I'd follow them down to a school, get in their police cruisers and start talking. Eventually they'd kiss me and ask me [to perform a sexual act]."

Most of the officers were married, she said.

After a meeting or two, the officers would drop her, she said, and "I'd go out looking for them. Then someone else would see me, we'd talk and we'd get started... Then I began to see the pattern... The word would get back that they thought I was a tramp. I got hurt and would stop for awhile."

Since she reported the incidents, she said, she has been suspended from her job because angry police wives telephoned her superior to report her. In addition, an officer has accused her of soliciting him, but she denies this, saying she was teasing him.