Sterling Tucker, former chairman of the District of Columbia City Council, has filed an overdue financial report and a final campaign statement showing that he spent $392,608 in his unsuccessful run for mayor, and still owes one creditor $10,730.

For late submittal of an interim report that was due Dec. 10 but actually was filed Jan. 16, Tucker and his campaign treasurer, Dr. Howard Davis, each paid fines of $44.50, the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance reported.

Lindell Tinsley, deputy director of the office, said the $4-a-weekday fines were originally set at $89 each, but were cut in half when Tinsley ruled the late filing was unintentional.

Insley said the payments ended the matter, and that Tucker need not appear at a hearing to explain the lateness.

Tucker currently is serving as a $182-a-day consultant to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and is being considered for a presidential nomination as an assistant secretary of the department.

He left office as council chairman after losing in a three-way Democratic primary in which Marion Barry emerged as the nominee and, later, as mayor.

Tucker filed both the report that was due Dec. 10 and the final report that is not due until Jan. 31. The reports indicated that on Dec. 10 Tucker owned campaign debts totaling $97,427, but most were adjusted or paid. The remaining $10,730 debt is listed as owed to Sherwood Ross Associates, a public relations firm.

Neither Barry nor former Mayor Walter E. Washington has yet filed final reports due Jan. 31.