A committee of the Arizona legislature has recommended that the Arizona House of Representatives reject the proposed constitutional amendment that would give the District full voting representation in Congress.

The 10-to-4 vote Tuesday by the House Judiciary Committee for an unfavorable report was not so much a vote on the D.C. amendment but "a chance for legislators to express their frustration with the federal government," according to Rep. Larry Bahill (D-Tucson).

Bahill the House minority leader, added that "there is a lot of anti-Eastern establishment feeling" among lawmakers in Phoenix.

Bahill said he and Rep. Art Hamilton (D-Phoenix), the sponsors of ratification, "felt lucky to get the issue out of committee at all." The proposal must also be considered by the legislature's government operations committee before it can be brought to a vote on the floor.

Bahill said one of the most outspoken foes of the legislation was Rep. Donna J. Carlson (R-Phoenix). Carlson is chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Washington-based organization of conservative legislators that is leading a nationwide drive against ratification.

Bahill added, "I don't expect it to pass in Arizona this year."

Meanwhile, legislatures in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kansas, in addition to Maryland, have scheduled hearings on the amendment this week.