Five men were arrested yesterday after they smashed windows and splashed paint during a brief, violent attack on the Chinese chancery at 2300 Connecticut Ave. NW to protest the visit to Washington next week of Chinese Vice Premier Teng Hsiaoping.

A spokesman for a group that claimed credit for the noontime incident said the same organization is planning a large demonstration after Teng arrives on Sunday. The spokesman said the group is an "all-American" revolutionary Maoist-Leninist party.

Police and witnesses to yesterday's action said five men drove up to the front of the chancery in a 1979 Mercury with Virginia license plates.

As the driver sat in the auto, four men, one brandishing a revolver, got out. One man hurled lead fishing weights through the large chancery windows and another splashed white paint across the front of the building. Several leaflets were strewn around and an effigy of Teng was lift in front of the door with a placard reading "Traitor Teng Hsiao-ping Beware," witnesses said.

Officer Joseph A. Toriskie of the Secret Service's uniformed division, which is charged with protecting foreign embassies, was inside the chancery's front door talking to a member of the embassy staff when the incident began.According to a Secret Service spokesman, Toriskie drew his revolver and chased the auto as the windows began to shatter above him.

When the five men -- none of them Chinese -- sped away in the car, Toriskie radioed for help. The car was caught by a Secret Service cruiser two blocks away, heading north near Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street.

Toriskie initially reported hearing shots fired at the chancery, but other witnesses said they did not hear them. The gun found on one of the arrested men had apparently not been fired, according to police.

Shortly after the incident, about eight protesters marched in front of the chancery waving red banners and brandishing little red copies of the saying of Chairman Mao.

A man who identified himself as James Donovan, a spokesman for the Revolutionary Communist Party (USA) Committee to Give a Fitting Welcome, telephoned The Washington Post yesterday afternoon to say that his organization was responsible for the incident.

The leaflets and placard left at the chancery also bore the group's name. A permit on file with the U.S. Park Police for a demonstration of about 700 people Monday is issued to "Committee for a Fitting Welcome." Donovan said the permit is for his organization, but the individual who applied for the permit could not be reached yesterday for comment.

The Revolutionary Communist Party has no foreign members, Donovan said. "The RCP has worked to defend the legacy of Mao Tse-tung and we also are supporters of the four [top Chinese officials] including Mao's wife who were purged after his death."

Police identified the five men arrested as Curtis Mohn, 31, no address given; Gregory Ford, 27, of Baltimore; James Joseph Nelson, 25, of Massachusetts, and James E. Loudermilk, 41, of Elizabeth, N.J.

All five will be charged with destruction of foreign government property, police said. Loudermilk will also be charged with assaulting a federal officer..