Edward M. Meyers describes himself and those in the Barry administration as people who gained "introspection following the '60s" and never lost the activist spirit.

Meyers, who has been appointed general special assistant by Barry, was Barry's executive assistant during the mayor's council term and was staff director of the D.C. City Council Committee on Finance and Revenue.

In his job, Meyers said he will handle topics assigned to him by the mayor, possibly issues such as employment or developing minority business opportunities.

Meyers said his job, like others in the Barry administration, will be to translate the new spirit of change into a spirit to solve problems. "People left out of decision-making are now very enthusiastic. They feel the whole thing is picking up."

Meyers, 35, said his race -- he is white -- has not been a problem in the Barry administration "because Barry has reached out to everyone." He added that he prefers "working in a minority situation because people are not tied to th status quo. I wanted to work in an urban center and that's why I began working for the City Council -- to be in the center of things. I chose the District because D.C., out of all of the urban centers, has an opportunity to make a fresh start and not be tied to the mistakes of the past."

Meyers, a native of Takoma Park, Md., said his duties will be similar to those he had as Barry's executive assistant: Handling a variety of problems and seeking solutions. The major difference now is that he is consulting with department heads more often, he said.

A graduate in economics from the University of Maryland, Meyers received his master's degree in urban economics from the University of Detroit. He said he also has worked as a planner for the University of California and a fiscal and urban affairs expert for the City of Detroit.

Meyers, who lives in the Dupont Circle area, is divorced.