Audrey Rowe, who is Mayor Marion Barry's special assistant for youth affairs, is the only Republican in Barry's Democratic cabinet.

Rowe, who was one of Barry's principal advisers in his campaign for mayor, said she joined the Barry camp because "his views, philosophy and commitment are something I've always respected."

In recent years, Rowe, 32, has received national acclaim for her role as a political activist and advocate of women's rights.

Rowe's initial responsibility in the mayor's office is to identify and coordinate existing youth services while attempting to extablish greater communication between youth service agencies in the city. Of major concern, she said, is the need for more jobs and programs to help keep troubled youths out of the juvenile justice system.

The office expects to help locate nealy 31,000 jobs for young people this summer with private and public businesses. A bureau of youth services designed to develop a range of youth services under one umbrella eventually may be created, develop a range of youth services under one umbrella eventually may be created, she said. Services would range from child care to the cultural arts and humanities to health care for youth who are mentally and physically disabled.

A native New Yorker, Rowe moved to the District in 1968. She attended Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, and is a graduate of Federal City College.

She coordinated the D.C. Child Advocacy Office for the Children's Defense Fund and chaired the Committee on Child Developent while serving on the Nationa Commission of the International Women's Year. In 1975, she was elected to chair the National Women's Political Caucus.

Rowe, who lives at 17th and Taylor streets NW, is married to Stephen Klein, who is as an energy policy adviser with the Agency for International Development. They have three children.