Anita Bonds sits behind a cluttered desk in Mayor Marion Barry's transition of fice. As she waits for her new quarters in the District building to be remodeled and the Barry administration to take hold, she is busy learning the ins and outs of city government.

Bonds, 33, deputy campaign manager for the Barry, has been appointed by the mayor as a special assistant for constituent services.

She is not a newcomer to politics. She ran an unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the school board in 1971 and has worked in campaigns for Jimmy Carter, Walter Fauntroy and Clifford Alexander.

Bonds who says she now is trying to learn about city agencies and how they deal with people, said she is being inundated with phone calls from people who expect her to find answers. She said she tells them that ti "took you three months to get into the system and now it is going to take me some time to find out how it operates. So you are probably not going to get an answer in one day."

She said she has noticed a trend among some callers -- they often exaggerate their problems. "Many of these people have come to an understanding that in order to get help from the system you have to fudge the truth so that your situation looks just a little more desperate than the other guy's."

Bonds, who majored in chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley, said her academic background is not too far afield from what she is doing. "Look, I still have to look at complex situations and know how to dilute the problems and add the right catalyst to get some action. I don't really know if it is politics that I like, it may just be that I like organizing."

Bonds lives in Southwest, is divorced and has three children.

She sais she has noticed an optimism about the new mayor. "Everyone is expecting more from the Barry administration. They are expecting relief and all we can do is try."