The Fairfax County school superintendent last night recommended giving teachers and other school employes 5.15 percent raises, which he called "the maximum allowable under the president's wage and price guidelines."

Superintendent S. John Davis's salary recommendation to the school board brings the proposed school budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 to $278 million, up 6.6 percent over the current spending program.

Davis has omitted salary increases in a $267.8 million budget he proposed Jan. 3, saying he needed more time to review the wage and price guidelines. At the time, Fairfax County School Board Chairman John F. Herrity called his action misleading.

The Board of Supervisors has the final say on school spending and will review the proposed budget after the school board acts on it.

The president of the Fairfax Education Association, representing county teachers, expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed salary increase: "The superintendent says it is the maximum allowable, but you can figure the guidelines any way you want," said FEA president Bob Hicks. "Five-point-one percent is insufficient. It can't be a cost of living increase because it doesn't even match the cost of living."

The $10.6 million Davis recommended for salaries increases the amount the county would pay for school support from $169 million to about $179.9 million, an 11.4 percent increase over what the county spent on schools last year.

In other action, the board decided to move Fort Hunt High School students, who have been attending classes at Groveton High since a fire heavily damaged their own school, to Mount Vernon High if repairs are not completed by May 1.

The switch to Mount Vernon will be made March 23 if it is determined that the May 1 deadline can't be met. The move would relieve Groveton High of the burden of double shifts.

Fort Hunt's 1,741 students have been attending Groveton since Jan. 4. Their own school burned Dec. 30, with damage estimated at $4.5 million. Two 18-year-old Fort Hunt pupils and a 19-year-old graduate have been charged with arson in the blaze.