An incorrect figure was used yesterday in a headline over a story about a General Services Administration renovation of a Nashville train station. The correct figure is $7.1 million, as the story reported.

The General Services Administration is spending $7.1 million to renovate a Nashville, Tenn., train station to provide new federal office space when no additional space is needed, ABC-TV News last night quoted a General Accounting Office study as saying.

The Nashville project is one of five train station renovations planned by GSA at the personal direction of GSA Administrator Jay Solomon, who is from Chattanooga, Tenn. Solomon has stressed turning historic buildings into usable office space for their cultural or architectural value.

Although the report noted that a new law requires the GSA administrator to consider historic or architecturally valuable buildings as the "primany alternative" to acquiring new office space, it said GSA appears to have given too much weight to this mandate.

The report recommended that Congress Clarify its intent in passing the law. If Congress wanted historic buildings preserved even when there is no pressing need for more office space, it should say so, the report said.

Solomon, in a comment included with the report, agreed with the findings and said GSA documents used to gain approval from Congress for large projects should be changed to require a special analysis when such renovations are being proposed.