Two teen-age suspects charged with arson in the fire that closed Fort Hunt High School have been arrested on unrelated charges in a motorcycle-riding incident, Fairfax County police said yesterday.

Mattew Musolino III, 18, and Timothy A. Greer, 19, were charged by police last Sunday at a service station operated by Musolino's father at 7400 Richmond Hwy. The elder Musolino also was arrested after police said he interfered in the incident.

The senior Musolino and Greer's parents were warned by a Fairfax General District Court judge at a Jan. 8 hearing on the arson charges to make sure their sons stayed out of trouble. The judge released the youths in the custody of their parents pending a Feb. 21 hearing.

"My kid is in bad shape as it is," the elder Musolino said yesterday. "The courts told me to keep my son under strict supervision. Someone is with him all the time. It was uncalled for, what happened."

Greer was charged with operating a motorcycle without a permit or valid registration. Musolino and his son were charged with obstructing justice when the police tried to impound the motorcycle, which was on the Musolino property behind the service station. Two juveniles were also charged with obstructing justice in connection with the incident.

Deputy Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Steven A. Merril said yesterday that court officials were notified of the latest arrests. But because of the "relatively minor offenses," he said, bail for the two youths was not revoked.

"How the court would look upon it (the incident), if they were convicted is another story," Merril said.

He said the incident involved some "tugging and wrestling" with the police. "It's not an actual fight.... Police wanted to tow away the motorcycle. They (Greer and the Musolinos) didn't want it towed."

According to a police spokeswoman, Officer Al Thompson observed Greer shortly after 1 p.m., operating a motorcycle south in the northbound lanes of Fordson Road. Thompson followed Greer to Musolino's property.

Thompson called for a wrecker to impound the motorcycle because he could not determine who owned it, the spoleswoman said. She said the two juveniles, whose ages were not immediately known, pushed the officer away from the motorcycle.

Police said Musolino and his son were arrested when they interfered with the police officers arresting the juveniles. They were released on $250 bond. Greer was given a traffic summons.

The younger Musolino said late yesterday he has been harassed by county police since he was arrested in connection with Dec. 30 school fire. He said police have called him "firebug" and pulled him over for routine checks while he was driving his car.

Capt. Harry Sommers, commander of the Groveton police substation, where the youth and his father were taken, said he was unaware of any police harassment of the younger Musolino.

Also charged in connection with the school fire is Robert Smithwick, 18, a Fort Hunt senior. Smithwick is free on $5,000 bond.