D.C. police captured a burglary suspect hiding in a Georgetown house yesterday after a high speed auto chase on the Whitehurst Freeway and the campus of Georgetown University that left at least six cars damaged, police officials reported.

At one point in the chase, officials said, police fired five shots at the man but missed.

According to officials, the chase began in the 2000 block of K Street NW about 4:30 p.m. after two officers in a scout car spotted an auto being sought as the getaway vehicle in the noon burglary of an office in the 4400 block of Jenifer Street NW.

As the officers neared the car, a white Camaro, the driver sped away onto the Whitehurst Freeway, officials said. The officers radioed for help and then pursued the car along the freeway to the M Street exit where the Camaro slammed into five cars waiting at a traffic light, and came to a stop.

At that point, police said, the suspect drew a silver-colored pistol and Officer Albert Sell fired shots at him, all of which missed, officials said. The Camaro then squealed backward away from the crash scene, narrowly missing Officer Brian Bender, and sped away toward Georgetown University. Bender fired one shot that struck the Camaro's roof, officials said.

Police continued the chase and later found the Camaro abandoned on a campus parking lot. During a search of the nearby area, officials said, officers were told by a neighborhood resident that the suspect had gone into a house in the 1300 block of 36th Street NW. He was arrested inside a few minutes later, they said.

The suspect was identified last night as Vernon Bond, 38, of 1845 Harvard St. NW. Police said he was charged with burglary in both the Jenifer Street and 36th Street break-ins and was being held on bond last night pending arraignment today.

Police said there were no reported injuries in the crash at the M Street freeway exit. The five cars and the suspect's car incurred light to moderate damage, they said.