Terrence G. Johnson was released from the state mental hospital where he had been undergoing psychiatric examination yesterday after a judge ruled that the 15-year-old youth could be examined as an outpatient while he was in the custody of his mother.

Johnson, who is charged with killing two Prince George's County police officers last June 26, was sent to the Clifton T. Perkins Center on Monday after he pleaded temporary insanity at the time of one of the shootings.

Johnson's chief defense attorney, R. Kenneth Mundy, told Judge Jacob S. Levin Monday that Johnson would plead self-defense in the shooting of officer Albert M. Claggett IV. Mundy said Johnson would plead that the shooting of Claggett was so traumatic that he became temporarily insane and "could not understand the criminality of the act." of shooting officer James Brian Swart seconds later. Two psychiatrists hired by the defense have already examined Johnson and concluded that he was temporarily insane at the time of Swart shooting.

When Mundy announced that his client wold advance the insanity plea, Levin postponed the start of the trial until March 19 and ordered Johnson sent to Perkins so the state could perform its own examination.