The father of two young Anne Arundel County girls who were murdered while they played in a wooded area near their home 15 months ago asked a Maryland Senate committee today to pass legislation that would prevent the early release of his daughters' killer from Patuxent Institution.

"You have no way of knowing what we've gone through," Richard Hogan said after his testimony. "How would you like to go into a home which was a vibrant and lively home and you can't even hear the heartbeat from the walls? It's dead. We had two vibrant, beautiful children. They are snuffed out."

Hogan's daughters, Theresa, 8, and Deborah, 10, and a third girl were stabbed to death in October 1977. Stuart Lee Kreiner, a 17-year-old neighbor, pleaded guilty to stabbing the girls with a hunting knife as they were playing. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime.

Kreiner was sent to Patuxent for psychiatric treatment. At the state prison, which specializes in rehabilitation of inmates with emotional problems, Kreiner would be eligible for release after a year if authorities consider him to be no longer a threat to society.

The legislation pushed by Hogan today would probibit early releases for persons serving life sentences at Patuxent. Early releases of such inmates as Kreiner, he said, "does not make an honest effort to balance the need to punish with the obligation to provide offenders with help."