Prince George's County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan yesterday appointed 32 attorneys and businessmen to the county Economic Development Committee. The group includes Hogan's wife and several of his oldest business and political associates.

The Economic Development Committee was created in 1970 to promote the county to the local business community and encourage major business firms to locate in Prince George's.Its members are unpaid and serve twoyear terms.

Hogan named as chairman of the committee, Charles A. Dukes Jr., a longtime political activist who has worked in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Dukes, an attorney and board member of John Hanson Savings and Loan, was once president of the United Democrats for Prince George's County.

Hogan was instrumental in converting Dukes to the Republican Party, and endorsed Dukes for county executive in 1971 after Dukes served as Hogan's congressional campaign manger in 1970.

Dukes remains a favorite with leaders of both county Democrats and Republicans, however. Former Democratic Executive Winfield M. Kelly Jr. appointed Dukes to the county library board, then to the county personnel board during his term.

Among the other appointments made to the Economic Development Committee by Hogan yesterday were his wife Illona, an attorney; Raymond G. LaPlaca, a mass mailing executive who ran for county commissioner in 1970 on Hogan's Republican slate; and Marlin K. Husted of the People's National Bank of Maryland in Suitland.