"What is your opinion of the city's mew towing program?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Judiciary Square to ask District residents and commuters their views .

Vivian Point, Congress and Savannah streets SE: "I think they should have given the people more warning. Charging $50 for the towing and $25 for the ticket plus back parking tickets is outrageous. It's going to cost me a total of $200. I'm a student and that's going to put me two weeks behind in school because I had to use my book money to pay for it." James Trammel, 16th and R streets NW:"I am definitely in favor of them using the tow truck.I don't plan on parking or getting caught in that net, and as a cab driver it would be to my advantage. If they tow some cars away then traffic should flow amch smoother during rush hour." Lywonda Megginson-Scoit, Martin Luther King Avenue and Morris Road SE: "If they are going to tow they need more signs, at least every five feet. In my case the sign was 20 feet away. If they are trying to bring revenue into the District they should spend money for signs." Joseph Belger, 23, Hilltop Terrace and F Street SE: "I don't think it's a good idea. It's hard enough to find parking places as it is and when you finally find a meter, before you turn around, the time is gone. Now when you go outside your car has been towed. If they want people to live in the citt they shouldn't make it hard for them." Shirley Adams, 28, Buchanan Street and South Dakota Avenue NE: "As a law-abiding citizen I agree with the towing. People who park illegally should learn their lesson." Luke Turner, 18, 6th and Nicholson streets NE: "I think it's a good idea and it's giving people jobs. Plus it's and it's giving people jobs. Plus it's keeping unwanted cars off the street. Pearline Freeman, Ames Street and Minnesota Avenue NE: "I m sick about it. I'm a student at UDC and ther's no place to park, so now I have to pay $75." CAPTION:

Pictures 1 through 7, no caption; Michael Ford Parks