The D.C. Zoning Commission last week rezoned sections of the Takoma Park area of the District largely along the lines proposed by neighborhood residents who were concerned that the coming of Metro to the area might bring uncontrolled development.

The area around the Takoma Metro station, near Cedar and 4th streets, was zoned for industrial use and contained used car lots, warehouses and vacant land; the area has been rezoned to C2A, a category that permits apartments, offices and shops.

An area zoned for commercial use, but occupied mainly by garden apartments along Aspen, Butternut and Cedar streets between the 4th Street commercial strip and an area of singlefamily houses has been rezoned for apartment use.

A block along Maple Avenue, including a parking lot for the large Seventh Day Adventist complex and several single-family dwellings, has been rezoned from single-family use to garden apartment use.

Plan Takoma, the umbrella group that drafted the zoning proposals in cooperation with city officials, reasoned that this area, which is surrounded by commercial zones, would more likely be developed for housing if apartments were permitted.

The commission declined, however, to change the zoning of the Cady Lee House, a national historic landmark on Eastern Avenue, from apartment use to single-family use, as requested by Plan Takoma. At last month's hearing, the owners of the house, who are restoring it with the aid of a historic preservation grant from the Department of Interior, asked the commission not to change the zoning.