The Virginia General Assembly gave final approval today to a package of bills intended to end years of city-county annexation battles and revenue allocation disputes.

The House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to accept Senate amendments to the three bills, which now will go to Gov. John N. Dalton. Dalton is considered certain to approve all three.

The legislation will block cities from annexing portions of large counties, including Fairfax and Prince William, and increases state aid to cities and counties. The aid package would not take effect until 1980. It is expected to provide an additional $150 million to cities and counties from state revenues in the 1980-82 budget period.

In other assembly action, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill putting the state's credit behind $57 million in revenue bonds proposed to build a four-lane toll road parallel to the Dulles Airport Access Road.

The committee, however, attached an amendment that would require the state to use highway funds before dipping into general revenues to pay off the bonds if toll income fails to meet debt payments.

The House Finance Comitteee delayed a scheduled vote until Monday on a Senate bill giving Northern Virginia localities authority to levy an additional one-cent sales tax to pay Metro transit costs.