A 17-year-old Dunbar High School student's face was grazed by a small caliber bullet Monday night during halftime of a basketball game at McKinley High School, D.C. police reported.

Daisy Lee Boyd, a 10th grader at Dunbar, was hit by a bullet fired through a restroom window, according to police. The bullet struck her near her right temple and then veered across her cheek, below her right eye, causing heavy bleeding.

School officials could not stop the bleeding, according to Boyd and she was taken by ambulance to the Washington Hospital Center where she was later reported to be in good condition.

"I heard people outside throwing things up at the window," Boyd said from her hospital bed yesterday. "... You know how you be in the bathroom and people be talking out of the window and calling up, throwing rocks to get attention. I was ready to leave and when I turned, I heard something, and then my face was just all covered with blood."

Boyd said she is worried that her face will be scared for life, but doctors have told her that they will perform plastic surgery to restore her features

Police have arrested no suspects in connection with the shootings, which occurred at 7:35 pm. Monday.

McKinley was the scene of several assaults on teachers by a band of youths last Friday. One teacher was punched in the nose, another slapped on the side of the head, a third pushed in the face and a school official struck by a snowball.

In addition, the youths who assaulted the teachers ran wildly through the school -- yelling, kicking lockers and later fighting with a student whose hand was cut.

Dr. Athel Liggins, principal of the high school at 2nd and T Street NE, said he believes the incidents and yesterday's shooting were commited by outsiders.

During Monday's shooting, Liggins said, most of McKinley's students were at Dunbar High School where the McKinley basketball team was playing. McKinley's gym was being used as a neutral site for play-off games between Dunbar and Spingarn, and Roosevelt and Cardozo.

"I went down to the gym when I heard what had happened," Liggins said yesterday, recalling the Monday night shooting. "The gym was packed to capacity (4,000) and it looked to me that we had that many guys hanging around outside... they are the ones that create your problems.... "

Liggins had blamed last Friday's incident on outsiders who, he said, regularly enter the school through unguarded fire exits -- doors that must be kept open. Yesterday, Liggins said students had told him that some of the people responsible for the earlier assault had seen the movie "The Warriors," a film about a vicious youth gang, the day before the incident.

Dr. Thomas Harper, principal of Dunbar High School, was attending the game at McKinley when the shooting took place. "It was just one of those freaky kind of situations," Harper said. "It happened for no apparent reason. Someone just fired a shot through the window and it hit my student. It was just one of those things."