The wife of Rep. Bob Ilson (R-Calf.) was slightly injured yesterday when shewas attacked by a knife-wielding intruder at her Capitol Hill home, D.C. police reported.

Shirley L. Wilson, 51, suffered a bruised hand and torn knee ligaments in the 11:15 a.m. incident, a spokesman for the congressman said. Police said her assailant fled the home after taking $20 in bills two silver dollars.

According to the congressman's staff, Wilson telephoned his wife while the intruder was still in the house and the congressman sensed from her tone and conversation that she was in trouble. He rushed from the Capitol to his home, but the assailant had fled by then.

Wilson then drove his wife to the Washington Hospital Center where she was treated and released yesterday afternoon.

The attack on Mrs. Wilson took place 10 blocks away from the house where Pamela Edie was fatally stabbed last Friday.

According to police the intruder entered the Wilsons' town house through an open patio door. He then made his way up to the second-floor bedroom, where he grabbed Mrs. Wilson around the neck and threatened her with a kitchen knife.

Police said the man cut the lines leading to phones on the first floor of the Wilson house but neglected to cut the line to phones on the second floor. The man, described as being in his mid-20s, then began ransacking the house.

While the burglar was in the house, Rep. Wilson telephoned his home from the Capitol and the call was answered by Mrs. Wilson on an upstairs phone, according to Wilson's press aide Douglas Wilburn.

Wilburn said Mrs. Wilson told him during their telephone conversation that he should not come home for another hour. Wilburn said Rep. Wilson had arranged to have lunch with his wife and her conversation made him suspicious.