Mayor Marion Varry, despite campaign pledges to bring more Hispanics into key city government jobs, has failed to hire a single Hispanic-American for his staff, the staff of his executive secretary or of the city administrator, according to city records.

Materials released by Barry's office, plus research by The Washington POST, SHOW THAT Barry has hired at least 18 former campaign workers and officials, a few relatives of key campaign supporters and more special assistants than his predecessor, Walter E. Washington.

However, there were no Hispanics on a list of 82 persons released yesterday, many of whom occupy jobs that the mayor can most easily fill at will rather than through civil service competition.

"I odn't know what more we can do. We did our thing. We gave him the names," said Eva Guevara, executive director of the Council of Hispanic Community Agencies Along with other Hispanic leaders, Guevara gave Barry a list of 39 potential Hispanic job appointees three weeks ago.

"The fact remains and the statistics confirm that he's not poushing it enough and he's not making it a priority," she said. "I'm not mad, but I'm not overjoyed, either."

In a press release accompanying the material, Barry said he was "very sensitive" to the absence of Hispanics in his office in particular and the city government in general. "Toward that end," he said, "I am in discussion with Latino leadership and have directed all department heads to actively seek ways to employ more Latinos."

The material released yesterday by Barry gave the first official -- though incomplete -- indication of the cost of Barry's realignment of the top jobs in city government.

Although it was not immediately possible to compare its cost with that of the government under Washington, there were strong indications that the Barry staff is larger and more costly, although some individuals appear to be working for smaller salaries.

For example, Barry has hired nine special assistants with a total payroll of more than $209,841 supported by a staff that is paid an additional $318,229 a year. Washington had no more than six such assistants at one time and a much smaller staff, according to reliable District Building sources.

Many of those working for Barry, as special assistants and in other capacities, are newer to government and thus have lower salaries than Washington aides, some of whom were with the former mayor during many of his 11 years in office.

Barry's general assistant, Ivanhoe Donaldson, earns $41,976 a year -- less than the $47,500 annual salary of his predecessor, Joseph P. Yeldell. Marie Dias, a special assistant to Donaldson who acts as his liaison with various city boards and commissions, earns $37,847 a year.

(Dias is not Hispanic. The Barry administration has hired two Hispanics in positions not covered in the materials released yesterday.)

Press Secretary Florence Tate's salary is $35,865. Executive Secretary Dwight Cropp is paid $47,064, his deputy Robert s. m/oore earns $40,009 and David Splitt, director of the Office of Documents, earns $43,248.

Oddly enough, of Barry's five assistant city administrators, the lowest paid is the one with the longest tenure in ciyt government, budget director Gladys W. Mack. She earns $46,200 a year. Her four counterparts -- Judy Rogers, Caroll Harvey, Colin F. S. Walters and James O. Gibson -- each earn earn $47,500.

Tate said Mack earns less because she was already at a lower grade when Barry became mayor and was not promoted. Rogers, another holdover from the previous administration, was already earining $47,500. The other three came in with Barry and were automatically given the higher salaries, Tate said.

The 18 city employes who formerly worked in Barry's campaign hold a variety of positions from assistant city administrator, to appointments secretary to the mayor, to special assistant to the special assistants.

Kwane Holman, one of Barry's drivers during the campaign is an assistant to the press secretary. Campaign researcher Jan Eichhorn is an assistant in the city administrator's office. Kay McGrath runs a newly established "citizens participaion unit" in the planning department. Anita Bonds, Lillian Sedgwick, Betty King and Audrey Rowe are special assistants.

Tate's sister, Lucille Knowles, worked in the campaign and is now an administrative aide to the mayor. Assistant City administrator Walters is married to Mildred Bautista, who was execuitve assistant to Barry's transition chief, Delano E. Lewis.

Virginia Fleming, executive assistant to city administrator Elijah B. Rogers, is the wife of Harold Fleming, director of the Potomac Institute. Before becoming assistant city administrator for planning and development Gibson worked at the Potomac Institute.

Materials released yesterday showed 58 of the 82 employes were women and 24 men. There were 68 blacks and 14 whites. In grade GS-12 and above jobs, there were 11 males, 16 females, 22 blacks and five whites.

The mayor applauded those figures as an indication that his administration had given "new and enlightened direction in the area of quality of opportunity for women."